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Quality Garment Care at it’s Best!  When it comes to specialist cleaning  – we are the experts!!
Every garment brought through the door at Press XPress Dry Cleaners, is evaluated by our staff and discussed with you, to ensure the most appropriate cleaning method is chosen. In some cases, your garment will be entirely hand cleaned if deemed too risky or delicate to be cleaned otherwise.
The attention to detail, and our staff’s dedication to keeping your wardrobe looking brand new, is what makes the process at Press XPress The Dry Cleaning, Alterations and Laundry Company extremely unique. 
Christening Robes and Communion Dresses – Press XPress Dry Cleaners strive to make the special days in your life perfect. Entrust us with your special garments, and we will make sure they are cleaned and stored so that you can pass them down to the generations to come.  Preservation boxes are available to purchase in all sizes.
Irish Dancing Costumes are particularly delicate due to the nature of the beading and trimming detail specific to each dress.  Please Contact Us or call in to one of our shops for an individual assessment of your costume.
From fur trim, beads and sequins, to silk, leather and cashmere, women’s garments are all about the details. Press XPress knows that every single detail requires a level of care, far beyond the washing of a gentleman’s shirt. You don’t worry when you are purchasing your wardrobe. Now, you don’t need to worry when you are having it cleaned.

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